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No Glue Lash Lifts™ are the Future of Beauty


Become a Certified No Glue Lash Lift™ Technician with Our Professional Training Course

Are you ready to learn the latest techniques and best practices for our revolutionary No Lash Lifts™? Our comprehensive training course will teach you everything you need to know to become a skilled and confident glue-free lash lift technician.


Learn the Skills and Techniques You Need to Succeed

Our training course covers all aspects of our unique Glueless Lash lifting, including selecting the right products and tools, preparing the lashes and eye area, and performing this game changing No Glue Lash Lift™ process safely and effectively. You’ll also learn how to customize the lift to suit different lash types and shapes, and how to troubleshoot common problems.

Experience Hands-On Training and Personalized Support

Our training course is designed to be hands-on and interactive, with plenty of opportunities for practice and feedback. You’ll work with a variety of lash lift products and techniques, and receive personalized support from our experienced instructors.

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Launch Your Own No Glue Lash Lift™ Business

In addition to mastering the technical skills of lash lifting, you’ll also receive guidance on how to market and grow your own lash lift business. You’ll learn about pricing, packaging, and promoting your services, and receive tips on how to build a loyal client base. As a special bonus, when you enroll in our lash lift training course, you’ll also get access to our No Glue Lash Lift™ Business Bootcamp training course for free. This comprehensive course will give you the tools and resources you need to prep and launch your own successful lash lift business.

Join Our Training Course and Start Your Glue Free Lash Lift™ Career Today

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from the best and launch a rewarding career in lash lifting. Sign up for our training course now and take the first step towards your dream career.


What you will get

  • It’s not often that a trend comes along that can change the entire beauty industry. No Glue Lash Lifts™ is one of those trends. Don’t miss out on the chance to be first and offer this innovative solution to your clients.

  • As part of our 0 to 100 Elite Lash Artist development program, which includes a 100 day program to get you on the path to $100/hr or 100 new lash clients.

  • Opportunities to be featured on our social media channels and website, promoting your business and boosting your visibility.



Are you ready to access our training?

Here’s a taste of what you’ll get inside


You too, Can Make It Happen

Olivia’s Success Story can be Yours!

Olivia & Lash is Olivia’s own success story. She was a wife, a mother, who just arrived to the U.S. She was struggling from day-one to make a new life here, but her optimism never faded.

A stay-at-home mom, Olivia and her family just moved to Palo Alto to have access to better services for her autistic daughter. 

They rented a tiny apartment they can barely afford. Soon, her family was in deep financial difficulty. Close to their breaking point is where Olivia made a decision that would change their live completely.

No one believed in Olivia . Not friends or family…not even her husband. She was told the beauty business was tough and she didn’t even have any business experience. No money, no clients and no time because of the baby twins. She didn’t even speak English!  But she believed in herself and made it happen!

Olivia started her business journey in this tiny room with no windows, on the basement level with a busy restaurant directly above 😟At first, she’d work only nights and weekends when her husband could watch their 3-year-old twins. She would get so nervous waiting for her clients she’d sweat! Many would come in and instantly give her a WTF-is-this-place-look that would pierce her heart & cause her physical pain. Olivia would be so drained from her stress and nerves that she would often need to lay down…almost collapsing with relief after each client session. She was so self-conscious of her limited English and had to focus 110% just to try to understand  a few words of what her clients were saying. She’d be so embarrassed when she wouldn’t understand or answer incorrectly.

During those difficult times, all the negative voices would fill her head. It seemed that every obstacle, every hardship, every painful moment was exactly what everyone said would happen 😰 She was claustrophobic & had anxiety working in her tiny underground room. She had to come up for air often & dreaded going back down. But, that was the only place she could afford🚫💰

Would Olivia give up?

During her dark times, she somehow found the strength to make a promise to herself. That she would be greater than her challenges. She reconfirmed to herself that her goals are more important & hold greater value than any struggle she would face. She fully committed to her vision of a better life for her & her family.

At that moment, when she chose to never give up.. was the moment the light of hope entered her heart. ❤️ She had to endured working in those conditions for a whole year before being able to find a new location ..above ground! Her vision was finally becoming a reality & she thanked God for the strength to keep fighting…to never give up!👊🔥 Olivia hopes that sharing this to all those who are still struggling to ‘make it’ that you are not alone. We want to offer your our positive energy & deepest hopes that you have the strength to persevere. Because following your dreams will be worth the price you had to pay🙏❤️❤️

Take a look at our course program and register now to avail of our early bird discounts.



Course investment

One of the considerations you are weighing is the cost of this training, right? Before deciding on a training organization, please do thorough research on each program. In addition to researching lash extension classes, workshops and programs, it’s super important to gain some understanding of the lash extension industry and its opportunities and also challenges.

The ask yourself. How much value do you place on learning this new skill? What type of impact do you wish this new talent to have on your life? Do you even know the true ‘value’ of this eyelash extension skill and artistry? And will the quality of training boost your chances of success? Are eyelash extensions even a growing market and opportunity?

If you’re an outsider, looking in, you most likely do not know this industry or how becoming a high-level lash artist will impact your life. One way you can get a better sense of the opportunity of lash extensions, is by seeing what others are paying…or should I say investing in Lash Studio’s.


Why would intelligent and highly successful individuals…a lot of people, mind you, pay upwards of $500,000 to own a lash studio? They’ve done their research and came to the conclusion that lash extensions is a growing and can be a highly profitable business. We agree. Take a look at Entrepreneur Magazine’s popular franchise edition and you’ll see that lashes on the top beauty segment of the hottest/fastest growing franchise list. Right below that is New York Beauty Institute’s trend report eyelash extensions. This is proof that lash extensions is a growing beauty trend, BUT, there are a ton of risks and challenges.




Including testimonials from past students can help build credibility and provide social proof for your training course. You might consider including quotes from students who have successfully completed the course and are now offering lash lift services in their own businesses.


Feel free to contact us so we can answer any of your questions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

An FAQ section can help answer common questions that potential students might have about the course, such as:

1. What is the course schedule and how long does it take to complete?
2. What materials and supplies are included in the course?
3. Do I need to have any prior experience or training in lash lifting?
4. Is a certification or license required to offer lash lift services in my area?
5. How can I contact the instructors or get more information about the course?


Next Steps

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Sign Up for Our Training Course and Start Your Lash Lift Career Today

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from the best and launch a rewarding career in lash lifting. Contact us now to learn more about our training course and take the first step towards your dream career.


Next Steps

In this section, you can provide information about how potential students can learn more about the course and sign up. You might include a contact form or a link to a page with more detailed information about the course. You might also consider offering a special deal or discount for students who sign up by a certain date.

Here’s the dEAL!

  • Sign-up now and get a discount for our Standard Group Training fee! This will entitle you to avail of our up-close, direct and personal Training.

  • We are the FIRST and the ONLY to invite students back to our working studio and allows students to continue, receive valuable and LIVE direct critique and coaching as part of our Elite Lash Artist Development Program.

  • As the Pioneer of the No Glue Lash Lift™ Training provider and proof of our deep commitment to our students’ success, we provide them with a month-long, ongoing “after training ‘as part of our Guilded Development

  • Learn the most critical Business Lessons of running a successful Lash/Beauty Business. Avail of our Online Training Program. Students who will register will have a full access to our New Beauty LASH BUSINESS BOOTCAMP ($499 online course – for FREE)