VerySimpleVolume (VSV) Bubble


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No Refunds for this Product
This product requires an advance level of lashing experience and ability. Practice will be required before reaching a level sufficient to use in professional lashing environment and working with clients.


We’re extremely excited to introduce The VerySimpleVolumeTM Bubble! It’s a core element to our VSV SystemTM which goal is to level up the Volume lash game for those who are constantly striving for improvement your skill and the client experience.

This special lash application accessory helps lash artist in the creation, manipulation and overall working with Volume fans (3D, 4D, 5D and up). Our VSV silicone bubble allows for a more quicker and more easily customization of fan sets. It’s suggested that one VSV Bubble be used for a maximum of two clients. Available in 30-bubble packs. Made in Korea

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